Heart Restoration

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Here you will find a daily message for the heart.


You Are Unique

Understand that you are unique and there is only one like you in the entire universe. God only had one mold of you so learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are. He didn’t make any junk. I don’t know anyone who has everything perfect in their life. Let us quit comparing ourselves to other’s where we live, what we have, where we think we should be in life, and especially how we look and what our marital status is.¬†We are all in different places and different seasons so to compare yourself to another is just not fair to yourself.

It’s time to disagree with the negative messages, words, and actions that have come against you. Those attacks were sent to disqualify you from finishing your race and to stop what God has planned for your future and to keep you preoccupied.

Not everyone will except you or your ways but the great thing is that God accepts you just the way you are because you are uniquely made. When you receive the truth and believe that God loves you unconditionally with no strings attached, you will begin to love and accept yourself.